The software package of Funky Cells is the result of many years work by Dr. Martin LARSEN. However, FunkyCells software would not be a reality without the great help of numerous technical experts and test users. We gratefully acknowledge their contributions.


Technical experts:

Dr. Jacob Thorhauge : Helped develop the very first prototype of our boolean data miner software module.

Rolf Mortensen : Helped create the website.


Expert users:

Dr. Delphine Sauce, immunologist (Paris, France)

Dr. Anya Lissina, immunologist (Paris, France)

Dr. Victor Appay, immunologist (Paris, France)

Dr. Kinga Smolen, Immunologist (Vancouver, Canada)

Margreet Brouwer, Immunologist (Charleroi, Belgium)

Dr. Ariane Huygens, Immunologist (Charleroi, Belgium)

Dr. Brenna Hill, Immunologist (Washington D.C., USA)

Pr. Florian Kern, Immunologist (Brighton, UK)

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